LED Down Light

LED down light uses DC 24-28V power supply, with Ra over 75, so it can be used in places where colors need to be judged correctly. The series can be divided into six types, and adopts three kinds of LEDs, including RGB 3-in-1 LED, white amber 2-in-1 LED and high-power white LED.

Made of extruded aluminum and ABS materials, LED down light has good heat dissipation performance, which can effectively prolong life span of the product. The product weighs 350g or 450g, so it is quite light, and also easy to install. Moreover, the product adopts secondary optical path design and adjusts curvature parameter of the reflecting cover, in order to achieve the best light distribution and meet functional requirements of the lamp cup when beam angle is 40°or 60°. The projection distance is from three to ten meters, and RGB color mixture can create more than one hundred and sixty thousand colors. Our product is widely used in places like shopping mall, hotel, display case, and showcase, etc.

We are a specialized LED down light manufacturer based in China. We offer an extensive line of products, including 13W RGB LED bar light, 12W white amber LED down light, LED PAR light (indoor IP20), and more.

Other Products
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  • LED Bar Light Due to the aluminum material, LED bar light has good heat dissipation performance, which can prolong life span of the product. Controlled by exclusive technology, the product has power supply wires which can transmit control signal, so there is no need to add signal wire to control dimming and fade in-out. The product also adopts hanging bracket design, so it is light and easy to install. It uses secondary optical path design, with beam angles of 65° or 118°...