40W E40 LED Spotlight

40W E40 LED Spotlight

The φ173*209mm Rc-E40-S810A LED spotlight, also known as 40W E40 LED spotlight, has an arc lampshade and a plane lamp cover and adopts the standard E40 interface due to its large size. Welcome to purchase this 40W product, whose luminous flux is 3,200lm.

In accordance with CE/ROSH certifications, 40W E40 LED spotlight is light, safe, and reliable. After special light spot treatment, the product can produce soft and uniform light. Due to the patented heat dissipation technology, the product has very low temperature, which is ten degrees lower than NC lathe processed aluminum or die-casting aluminum. Besides, the product is high quality, with three-year guarantee period. Our product is widely used in places like shopping mall, hotel, supermarket, entertainment place, office, school, and house, etc.

Technical Parameter
Voltage AC90-260V
Power 40W
Base type E40
CTT 2700-6500
CRI Ra 65-95
LM 3200LM
WT 2.4g

As a China 40W E40 LED spotlight manufacturer, at Yuesheng we also offer 27W E27 LED bulb light, 1-2W green laser system, 3W MR16 LED spotlight, DMX distributor, and more.

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