LED Bulb Light

Our 6 categories of LED bulb lights all adopts a standard E27 interface and has a CRI of 65-95 and a color temperature of 2,700-6,500CTT. The smallest 62g 4W RC-E27-B801A LED bulb light offers a luminous flux of 300lm, while the largest 140W RC-E27-B807A LED bulb light provides a luminous flux of 10,000lm. The wide range of options can meet your various needs. Reliable in performance, our product is certified by CE and ROSH. Meanwhile, we can offer a 3-year warranty for you.

Adopting materials of good transmission of light as the lampshade, LED bulb light can emit a soft and uniform light without light spot, which effectively prevents dazzle. In addition, the patented heat dissipation technique offers our product a working temperature that is 10℃ lower than the aluminum and the casting aluminum.

LED bulb light is widely used in places like shopping mall, hotel, supermarket, entertainment place, office, school, and house, etc.

Relative Intensity

We are a LED bulb light manufacturer based in China. We offer an extensive line of products, including120W E27 LED bulb light, 13W RGB LED down light, 200W LED signal shaper, and much more.

Other Products
  • LED Ceiling Light Adopting high power LED as its light source, our LED ceiling light can be installed closely to the ceiling in the room. We offer 8 models of this series, with AC 90-260V power supply, JX interface, 65-95 CRI range and 2,700-6,500CTT color temperature range. Apart from the RC-JX-C801A, which has only 5 lamp beads, the other 7 models' lamp beads, which is from 5 to 24, are arranged in inner and outer ring and their luminous flux is also ...
  • LED Downlight The LED downlight is a directional lighting device, so only its opposite side can be lit. With a collective beam angle and focused light ray, the lamp can produce a strong contrast between light and shade, which highlights the lit objects and add a quiet atmosphere. Being anti-seismic, our lights can be installed in any small and closed equipment. We adopt patented heat dissipation technique to solve the heat radiation problem that perplexes the lamp for a long time...