LED Ceiling Light

Adopting high power LED as its light source, our LED ceiling light can be installed closely to the ceiling in the room. We offer 8 models of this series, with AC 90-260V power supply, JX interface, 65-95 CRI range and 2,700-6,500CTT color temperature range. Apart from the RC-JX-C801A, which has only 5 lamp beads, the other 7 models' lamp beads, which is from 5 to 24, are arranged in inner and outer ring and their luminous flux is also on the increase, with the highest one of the RC-JX-C808A reaches 2,250lm.

Made of quality aluminum alloy, the radiator of the ceiling lamp is of excellent heat dissipation effect. Compared with traditional filament lamp, our energy-saving ceiling light saves at least 60% of electricity. The product is durable and will not produce any ultraviolet radiation and light pollution.

The LED ceiling light is suitable for the long time lighting in public places such as shopping malls, banks, hospitals, hotels, restaurants, etc. Besides, special attention must be paid that our product mustn't be installed our on combustibles though it is of good safety.

Yuesheng is a professional LED ceiling light manufacturer and supplier in China. We provide a vast array of products, including 385W RGB LED stage washer light, 15W LED ceiling light, 3-15W green laser system, and more.

Other Products
  • LED Downlight The LED downlight is a directional lighting device, so only its opposite side can be lit. With a collective beam angle and focused light ray, the lamp can produce a strong contrast between light and shade, which highlights the lit objects and add a quiet atmosphere. Being anti-seismic, our lights can be installed in any small and closed equipment. We adopt patented heat dissipation technique to solve the heat radiation problem that perplexes the lamp for a long time...
  • LED High Bay Light The LED high bay light employs high-luminance LED as light source, aluminum alloy as shell, and high-efficiency lens as lampshade. The lamp body is made from light alloy materials. Specially sealed and coated, the light fixture is corrosion and rust resistant under severe environments like dampness and high temperature. The patented heat dissipation technology endows the high bay light a temperature that is 10℃ lower than the aluminum and the casting aluminum...