LED High Bay Light

The LED high bay light employs high-luminance LED as light source, aluminum alloy as shell, and high-efficiency lens as lampshade. The lamp body is made from light alloy materials. Specially sealed and coated, the light fixture is corrosion and rust resistant under severe environments like dampness and high temperature. The patented heat dissipation technology endows the high bay light a temperature that is 10℃ lower than the aluminum and the casting aluminum. The downlight emits a soft and uniform light without light spots. With seated or hung installation, the product is fixed in a certain angle to prevent its move under long-term shocking environment. We provide 4 categories, including RC-JX-H801A, RC-JX-H802A, RC-JX-803A and RC-JX-804A, all of which adopt AC90-260V and JX interface. Certified by CE and ROSH, our top quality high bay lamp is light, safe and reliable. It is worth mentioning that the 60W RC-JX-H804A high bay light has a luminous flux of 12,000lm and provides you a 3-year warranty.

LED high bay light is widely used in places like shopping mall, hotel, supermarket, entertainment place, office, school, and house, etc.

As a professional LED high bay light manufacturer in China, we provide not only conventional LED lighting, but also DMX controller, LED stage light, stage show laser systems, and more.

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