LED Tunnel Light

The tunnel is an enclosure space where the natural light cannot shine into. To ensure the smooth passing of cars and the safety of cars and people, we manufacture the RC-JX-E801A and RC-JX-E802A LED tunnel lights, the latter of which has a luminous flux of 10,000lm to guarantee the brightness in the tunnel. Certified by CE and ROSH, the lamp is light, safe and reliable.

Different from the lighting in common places, the tunnel lighting must work 24 hours a day, thus its electric charge becomes a major part of the whole costs. Our LED tunnel light can solve this problem due to its energy-saving feature. Without light spots, the lamp emits a soft and uniform light. Being softened, its light will not cause
discomforts like dazzle. The patented heat dissipation technology offers the light fixture a temperature that is 10℃ lower than the aluminum and the casting aluminum. Three-year warranty is available for our quality product.

Except the tunnel lighting, our tunnel lamps can also be used for the lighting in residential quarters, parking lots, streets, underground facilities.

Yuesheng is a professional LED tunnel light manufacturer and supplier in China. We provide a vast array of products, including LED street light, 15W LED downlight, 96W LED tunnel light, LED controller and more.

Other Products
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    The light fixture offers a soft and well-distributed light without light spot. Free of diffusion...
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