LED Street Light

The street light is an indispensible part of urban lighting. Light in weight and reliable in quality, our four types of LED street light have been certified by CE and ROSH. The four lamp models have 70W, 120W, and 150W power alternatives and the RC-JX-R804A LED street light has the biggest luminous flux of 13,000lm.

The light fixture offers a soft and well-distributed light without light spot. Free of diffusion, the product emits a uni-directional light that guarantees a high luminous efficacy. Thanks to the patented heat dissipation technique, the lamp has a working temperature that is 10℃ lower than the aluminum and the casting aluminum. Besides, we promise you a high quality and a 3-year warranty.

Applicable in highways, secondary arterial roads, branch roads, residential roads, sidewalks, public squares and stadiums, our LED street light can automatically control itself to meet different lighting requirements in different periods of time, thus it is energy-saving.

As a professional LED street light manufacturer and supplier in China, we also offer conventional LED lighting, 6W white amber LED spot light, 56W LED street light, 15-27W RGB full color laser system, and much more.

Other Products
  • LED Spotlight The uni-directional light of LED provides perfect support for the spotlight. Compared with traditional lamps, our LED spotlight is higher in luminous efficiency, lower in power consumption, and longer in life circle. We mainly offer 14 types of spotlights, which can be divided into standard E interface series, bean container lamps with JX interface, courtyard lamps with JX interface and other series with MR16 and GU10 interfaces. The top quality of our product enables us to offer a 3-year warranty for you...
  • LED Bulb Light Our 6 categories of LED bulb lights all adopts a standard E27 interface and has a CRI of 65-95 and a color temperature of 2,700-6,500CTT. The smallest 62g 4W RC-E27-B801A LED bulb light offers a luminous flux of 300lm, while the largest 140W RC-E27-B807A LED bulb light provides a luminous flux of 10,000lm. The wide range of options can meet your various needs. Reliable in performance, our product is certified by CE and ROSH. Meanwhile, we can offer a 3-year warranty for you...